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Wood briquette maker is uses to make briquettes from wood biomass or similar biomasses from agro waste. The wood briquette maker has a quite smart application to convert wood into charcoal: it produces wood briquettes, and wood briquettes can be charred into charcoal briquettes (Learn more about how to make charcoal briquettes). As a matter of fact, running a wood charcoal briquette maker has great market potential.
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The prospect and benefit analysis of wood charcoal briquette maker

  • Remarkable social benefits

The wood briquette maker machine can make use of waste materials. In agricultural countries, there are large amount of crop waste and forestry waste produced. However, in some of these countries, the waste resource utilization rate is even lower than 20%, while a large proportion of tree branches, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo waste are abandoned. By utilizing wood briquette maker, these resources are turned into highly efficient new energy source: wood or charcoal briquettes, which are not only energy saving, but also environmental friendly.
  • Considerable economic benefits

Now the world demands much of charcoal in not only industrial and agricultural, but also animal husbandry and civil use fields. The raw material cost for making charcoal briquettes is around $23~35/tonne in China, while the charcoal briquettes price is $230~420/tonne. The price of high quality charcoal briquettes is even $800-1200/tonne, which is much higher. Besides, the by-product wood tar and pyroligneous can also bring you extra profit. In a word, investing into wood charcoal briquette maker can help you make great profit.
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  • Widely application of products

*In industrial fields: in metallurgy or chemical industries. For example, a medium industrial silicon factory needs more than tens of thousands of charcoal annually. In addition, the production of activated carbon, carbonization silicon, silicon metal, thermal insulation material, and the smelting plants, copper factory, steel factory, rubber plants also demand large quantity of charcoal. In brief, the industrial use comes the No.1 demand of charcoal.

*In agricultural and husbandry fields: in agriculture and husbandry production, charcoal is mainly used to increase ground temperature, improve soil acid-base property, keep soil moisture, or used as alleviator of organic fertilizer. Therefore, charcoal briquettes have good market in both agricultural and husbandry fields.

*In daily life: people often use charcoal to get heat, BBQ, fry tea or dry tobacco. Besides, charcoal can also adjust room temperature, humidity and eliminate harmful gas. It has become a necessity in human daily life.

  • Great market demand

The chemical and smelting industries require 6,000,000 tonnes of wood charcoal briquettes per year; food industry requires 600tons per year, while civil use demands 5,000,000 tonnes per year. Besides, many nations even export charcoal briquettes every year.

Now the charcoal briquette making is far from enough for the market demand. As a result, its price will stay stable in the near future. So buying a wood briquette maker to produce wood charcoal briquettes is now very profitable.

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