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the significance and benefits of biomass briquetting plant

What is a biomass briquetting plant?

A biomass briquetting plant is a project that converts agro-forestry waste to bio-coal. It is machinery that has the capability of binding any agro-forestry waste into finished bio-coal/briquettes/white coal. Biomass briquettes are therefore biofuel substitutes to charcoal and coal. Briquettes are popular in developing countries where energy sources aren’t widely available. Biomass briquettes are used to heat industrial boilers so as to produce electricity from steam. Recently, there has been a move in some developed countries to use briquettes through co-firing where coal is combined with the briquettes to create heat supplied to boilers.
This step is highly recommended since it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by replacing partially the coal used in power plants with minerals already constituted in the carbon cycle.
There are a variety of briquetting plants. These machines are built as per the wastage and demand available in their area.
 screw biomass briquetting plant

Why use biomass briquettes

  • Slow burning
The compression process that briquettes undergo during their production allows them to burn for a longer period of time as compared to other sources of energy such as coal.
  • Efficiency
Compared to other sources of energy, briquettes have a higher heating value thus producing relatively intense heat. They also have low ash content and a high thermal value. In fact, when compared to firewood, they are 40% more efficient and last longer.
  • Smokeless
This is one of the properties that make briquettes unique. Using them doesn’t produce soot, smoke, or carbon deposits.

The significance and benefits of biomass briquetting plants

  • Reduction of fossil fuel consumption
biomass briquettesThe increase in air pollution is a prevalent global challenge. One of the key reasons behind this sustained increase in air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels such as petroleum products and coal. In developing countries, the use of fossil fuels is common because of its wide availability. The use of briquettes as fuel alternatives can therefore substantially cut down the consumption of fossil fuels thereby improving the current environmental conditions.
  • Reduction of industrial waste
The continuous rise in industrial waste is turning out to be a challenge in the global industrial belts. As developing countries are passing through this industrial age, industrialization is exerting extra pressure on the environment by releasing industrial waste in excess. This can result in adverse environmental damages like groundwater contamination and soil contamination. However, biomass briquetting plants can transform such wastes to recyclable briquettes. 
  • Generation of electricity.
Taking a look at the developing countries, it is quite evident that the majority of rural areas are still deprived of electricity. The key reason behind this is either connectivity or affordability. Such are the cases where the generation of electricity from briquettes can come in handy.
  • Clean heating in power plants
The majority of the thermal power plants globally run on coal. Coal is typically used in these plants to heat up burners. The use of briquettes in power plants will not only reduce the operating costs but will also help in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Creation of job opportunities
It is evident that the scope of new employment opportunities in the green technology field is increasing. The global concern related to the sustainability issues is one of the catalysts of this rampant growth.
Going green is one of the ways that we will be able to save our environment for future generations. The use of briquettes is one of the ways that we can help manage and conserve the environment. We should, therefore, embrace the continuous use of this source of energy to our advantage and set up our own biomass briquetting plant to make profit now!
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