• ZLSP200B R-type Electric Pellet Mill
  • MPL300 Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Pellet Mill
  • D-type ZLSP200B Small Pellet Mill
  • Biomass Screw Briquetting Machine
  • Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine
  • ZLSP200B R-type Electric Pellet Mill
  • MPL300 Biomass Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
  • D-type ZLSP200B Small Pellet Mill
  • Screw Biomass Briquetting Machine
  • Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine
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how to choose wood pellet mill manufacturers

In recent years, wood pellets making has been widely recognized by people all over the world. Some use wood pellet mills and build pellet plants locally, others invest into the wood pellet mill and build in other courtiers (for example, some Korean or Australian investors invest the wood pellet mill plant in Malaysia or Vietnam). No matter they want to use wood pellet mills domestic or abroad, what they want most is to find reliable wood pellet mill manufacturers.

Why are reliable wood pellet mill manufacturers so important to users?

How to choose reliable wood pellet mill manufacturers?

  1. You can see if the manufacturer’s website is full of knowledge about wood pellet mills or pellets production. When you want to buy wood pellet mill, you either buy locally or search on the internet. When you see this article you have been searching on the internet. You can see some websites only contain the product details, but others also include industry information and knowledge that helps you know more about this field (like GEMCO Energy). Which kind of wood pellet mill manufacturer is more professional? Of course the ones with sufficient knowledge of the field! This kind of manufacturer is willing to share their knowledge with users, and the knowledge can help users operate the pellet mills better. And with such sufficient knowledge, the manufacturer must be trustable!
    wood pellet mill manufacturer GEMCO

  2. You find several manufacturers and cannot determine which one is best; you can send them emails or inquiries! In your email or inquiry, you can describe your own specifications, like your raw material, raw material status, what capacity you need, what other auxiliary equipments you demand, etc. Those manufacturers who can reply in time (not including weekends or holidays) might probably be reliable ones, since they value you! You can respond them to ask several questions to see their reply. Usually professional wood pellet mill manufacturers can give you technologically detailed response, even with the machine video or successful cases! (Learn more about how to choose a wood pellet mill.)

  3. Having determined which wood pellet mill to choose, you can also compare the price. But remember, price does not mean everything! An old Chinese saying goes “No good goods cheap”, which means most of the time good things do cost much. So you must compare both the price and wood pellet mill quality! You may have heard about CPM pellet mill or other world famous pellet mill manufacturers, but their pellet mills are extremely expensive and unaffordable to common users. Now a large proportion of customers buy GEMCO pellet mill because of its low cost and high quality!

Finding a reliable wood pellet mill manufacturer is quite important because it can influence your future pellets production. So it is never too careful to find a trustable wood pellet mill manufacturer!