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gemco star product charcoal briquetting machine

The charcoal briquetting machine mainly refers to the machine that converts wood into charcoal: makes biomass briquettes for carbonization from biomass wastes after processed by crushing/pulverizing and drying.

Compared to original charcoal that is directly charred from chopping down trees, the charcoal briquettes made by charcoal briquetting machine are more environmental friendly, since they are made from the waste biomasses like sawdust, tree branches, rice husk, bamboo shavings, peanut shells, sunflower seed shell, furfural slag, slag, bagasse, corn cob, coconut shell, coffee shell, and all kinds of stalks.

The features of charcoal briquetting machine:

  1. No adhesive or harmful chemicals are needed in briquetting.
  2. The raw material moisture should be kept between 8-12%.
  3. After briquetting and carbonization, the briquettes are made into clean charcoal with no smoke, no smell and non-toxic.

The applications of charcoal briquettes:

The charcoal briquettes made by charcoal briquetting machine are renewable energy sources. Compared with charcoal made from the same raw material, charcoal briquettes have higher heat value, even higher than coal. The charcoal briquettes are so clean that they are widely used for home heating, BBQ, industrial boiler, or used to produce active carbon, silicon metal, explosive, etc.

Raw charcoal Machine made charcoal briquettes

Some statistics about charcoal briquettes
Moisture Carbon content Ash content Heat value Combustion time Volatile content Burning temperature
0.98% 83.28% 3.68% 7.9Kcal/kg 200mins/kg 6.68% 880℃

 The feasibility of charcoal briquetting plant:

Over years of practice and analysis, the charcoal briquetting project has been proved to be with sufficient raw material, low cost, advanced technology and mature equipments, so it has great market potential with low investment and you won’t worry about its sales.

Now the charcoal briquetting machine is one of our Star Products. Every month we manufacture hundreds of charcoal briquetting machines and ship them to our customers both home and abroad. All our users have tasted the joy of making briquettes to make profit.

If you also have efficient biomass raw material supply and workshop available, it is a very good way to make money with charcoal briquetting machine. If you want to know more about charcoal briquetting, just feel free to send us enquiry! We are willing to hear from you!

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