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biomass pellet making machine: economical and profitable

Biomass pellet making machine, as its name indicates, can make pellets from biomass.

What is biomass?

Biomass refers to all kinds of plant and animals that have life. But for making pellets, biomass just means plant, which includes wood waste as sawdust, wood shavings, tree branches, wood chips; crop waste as wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat bran and many other biomass wastes like peanut shell, sunflower husk, bagasse, EFB, etc.

These biomasses contain a kind of substance called lignin. Under high temperature, the lignin in biomass will soften and melt and can adhere with the fibers. By the extruding of biomass pellet making machine roller and die, the biomass will be pressed tightly into solid pellets.

Of cause, not all plants are suitable for pellet making. Only those contains much lignin can be used as raw material for biomass pellet making machine.

Why do we need to make biomass pellets?

In fact biomass pellet making is not a must. But in recent years, many countries and areas are utilizing biomass pellet making machine to deal with their biomass waste and produce valuable fuel pellets. Reasons are as follows:
  1. The price of traditional fossil fuels like coal, gas and petrol is increasing and their amount decreases. This is the major cause, since we all know that fossil fuel is non-renewable and the burning of coal even do harm to environment. As a result, people find biomass pellet making renewable and feasible.
  2. There are large amount of biomass waste produced. It is always a headache to people, especially those who own furniture factory, crop fields or palm oil plant. To make their biomass into pellets can not only help them make use of waste, but also bring them extra profit. So why not making biomass pellets?

How to choose biomass pellet making machine?

To choose biomass pellet making machine mainly depends on your capacity required.
  • If you need small capacity as 50-400kg/h, the small flat die biomass pellet making machine is your best choice. There are 2 types of small biomass pellet making machine: D-type and R-type. (Which type to choose? Learn it here!) Besides, the small biomass pellet making machines have 4 power sources: electric motor, diesel engine, PTO and gasoline engine. You can choose depend on your specific situation.
  • If you need large capacity as 500-2500kg/h or even larger, you’d better choose large ring die biomass pellet making machine, since they are industrial pellet mill.
Conclusion: biomass pellet making is a sunrise industry, and more people put their capital into biomass pellet making machines. As a leading biomass pellet making machine manufacturer and supplier, GEMCO is willing to solve your problems and hear from you!
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