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  • MPL300 Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Pellet Mill
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  • ZLSP200B R-type Electric Pellet Mill
  • MPL300 Biomass Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
  • D-type ZLSP200B Small Pellet Mill
  • Screw Biomass Briquetting Machine
  • Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine
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Suitable Mini Feed Pellet Plant for Animal Fodder

Mini feed pellet plant is usually means the small scale feed production line with the output under 1 ton. According to the different final feed types, the machinery in the line are different. For the simplest equipped mini feed pellet plant, one feed pellet machine can complete the whole production. The typical production line is equipped with the following machines, including crushing machine, materials silo, feed pellet machine, feed mixer, lifting device, cooling machine, vibrating screen etc., suitable for small and medium farmers and small feed production factory.
Mini Feed Pellet Plant
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Domestic Trend of Feed Production Miniaturization

It is said from the authority data that, recent year, the feed product structure has been changed greatly due to the consumer demand and aquaculture structure change. With mini feed pellet machinery, the annual aquatic feed output increasing rate of our country has been increasing by 17%, which is higher than the average increasing speed compound feed 8%, while the pig feed, poultry feed scales has started to decreased. Aquaculture feed industry has been become the highlights in the animal feed production development. Mini feed pellet plant can be used for producing all sorts of poultry feed and aqua feed only through replacing the configure device according to the different feed.
Feed Production Miniaturization

8 Tips for Choosing Mini Feed Pellet Plant

With increasingly developed poultry animals raising and aqua animals scale, mini feed pellet machinery possessing bright future prospect brings good benefits to the farmers, getting high praise from the farmers. However, choosing a suitable mini feed pellet equipment is not so easy, which should be more carefulness, otherwise, the own breeding benefits will be reduced, resulting the unnecessary economic loss.
GEMCO puts 8 tips in a list for choosing mini feed pellet equipment, wishing it is helpful for the broad farmer friend.
  1. Choose the feed pellet equipment power and type according to the output and scale of the farms and feed production factory.
  2. Choose the production equipment according to the aim of farms and feed production factory.
  3. Choose and purchase the professional equipment in the professionally pellet equipment manufacturers or agencies selling the feed pellet machinery.
  4. Check the production certifications and operation manual of feed pellet machinery before purchasing one feed pellet machine.
  5. Check the outer appearance and inner structure are complete, and if it is remanufactured from the old machine.
  6. On the machine should equipped operation marks and instruction, such as, the rotating direction, lubrication safety etc.
  7. Check the electric wirings are arranged in order, and meet the safety standard etc.
  8. Also the mechanical running should be checked, to see the mechanic moving, sound and components etc are normal or not.