Setting Charcoal Briquette Factory for Clean Fuel

What is Charcoal Briquettes?

Charcoal briquettes is widely used around the world for bbq, heating etc. The charcoal in the market is divided into natural and mechanism charcoal, and we are here to introduce the mechanism mainly.
clean charcoal briquettes
Mechanism charcoal, just as the name implies, is the charcoal made by machine, is also called artificial charcoal, regenerated charcoal, smokeless clean charcoal, is made from the wood and other biomass materials and shaped with briquettes. The raw materials is easily found here and there, including rice husk, peanut shell, cotton shell, corncob, boll hull, corn stalk, sorghum stalk etc, and the best raw materials for making briquette are sawdust, wood chips and shavings. The final produced briquette has high density, high combustion value, easy to combust. When it burns, there is no smoke, smell, pollution, explosion happened. Thus, it is international recognized as clean fuel around the world.

Charcoal Briquette Equipment

Charcoal briquette equipment is used for making the sawdust, branches, bamboo dust, peanut shell and other biomass raw materials into briquette. Before producing the briquette, the raw materials should be crushed into uniform size and dried into suitable moisture content. When the prepared material enters the charcoal briquette equipment, under the high temperature and high pressure, the semi-finished briquette is produced. After that, it is carbonized in the carbonization furnace (carbonization furnace has many types and the general type is brick kiln) for making mechanism charcoal.
Charcoal Briquette Equipment

How to Set Charcoal Briquette Factory?

To set a charcoal briquette factory, you need to pay attention to workshop construction at the beginning.

The first factor is the site selection.

The charcoal briquette factory should be set in the place far from the crowd, helpful to reduce pressure on the environment. For the outdoor space, there should be enough space to store the raw material, build the kiln and do the preparation work when building the kiln. A rough calculation would be at least 500 square meters. What’s more, the smoke emission is a problem to be solved. We updated our carbonization furnace for solving the smoke emission problem. We designed the non-smoke purifying device, to purify the produced dense smoke into white clean smoke through the non-smoke purifying device. Thus the problem is easily solved.
Relatively speaking, for the small scale mechanism charcoal production, the workshop is generally simple, generally covering an area of 100m2, is 3m high, 3.5m high is better, thus helping smoke emission during carbonization. And the higher height of the workshop can improve the environment of workers and is good for fireproofing.

The second important factor is the charcoal briquette plant selection.

The main equipment for producing charcoal briquette are the briquette machine and carbonization furnace, which are indispensable. And the other accessory equipment is equipped or not based on the raw materials. If the raw material is the weed tree, branches, straws and other raw material with large size, the crusher shall be equipped to crush the raw material into small size. The raw material moisture content is also influence the equipment. If the moisture content is too high, the dryer shall be equipped to dry the raw material into appropriate level; otherwise, the water is need to add into raw material. These four basic machines above are usually used in setting charcoal briquette factory, and the details about production line configuration should be based on the actual situation of the customer.

The last one is the building budget.

Investment for building a charcoal briquette factory is an important part. How to spend the money on the right way and get maximum return with lowest cost? About this professional question, you should consul the professional person. Contact us for free, our senior specialist will design the most suitable charcoal briquette factory according to your actual condition and requirement. 
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