Recycled Wood Shavings Briquetting Machine Turning Waste into Treasure

Recycled Wood Shavings Briquetting Machine

At present, nobody should produce waste for the simple ecological, economic and moral factors. However, with increasing use of wood for building, extension and garden making, the wood waste is still increasing. Generally, this wood waste is sent to the dustbin or burnt directly and ineffectively.
Recycled Wood Shavings Briquetting Machine
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While when we have started to pay more attention to the environment and economy, efficient recycled wood shavings technology becomes an urgent thing. As a green energy manufacturing machine, our briquetting machine is easy to produce the recycled wood shavings into green fuel briquette with high combustion value and no with bad smoke produced.

Turning Waste into Treasure

The recycled wood shavings briquetting machine is newly designed and developed to turning the wood waste into useful fuel for use, is suitable for home use, commercial use and invest use, easy to help you to get more benefits.
  • For home use
As we mention above, the recycled wood shavings is commonly burnt directly or sent to dustbin, this phenomenon is widely happened in the countryside where is plenty of wood waste including the wood shavings.
With recycled wood shavings briquetting machine helped, the recycled wood residues can be easily produced into useful briquette fuel for daily use, not only saving the recycled wood shavings treatment cost, but also producing fuel briquette with higher combustion value than direct burning, further reducing the fuel cost.
Another equipment suitable for household use is the
home made pellet mill (making wood pellets).
  • For commercial use
When you recycle plenty of wood residues, you can total produce the briquette for sale. After all the recycled wood shavings is very common, we can see the wood residues here and there, like the open place in countryside, tree farm, wood processing factory etc. With the punching type briquetting machine, you can produce pellet and briquette both, suitable for various stove size.
commercial use briquettes and pellets
  • For invest use
Briquetting technology is born in this right era when there is environment problem is increasingly getting worse, the worse environment caused more and more concurrency problems, while the briquetting technology can solve these problems, meeting the requirement of sustainable development. At the same time, the governments support the development of this technology, by giving subsidies to the relative enterprises and investors. All this indicates the bright future of briquetting technology, so does our recycled wood shavings briquetting machine.

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