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How to Reduce Bagasse Briquette Plant Cost

Something about Bagasse Briquette Plant

Bagasse briquette plant is a equipment for making bagasse into biomass briquette fuel. As we all know, bagasse is the leftover of juicing from the sugar cane, which is always abandoned. Actually, bagasse is a good source with lignin to be made into biomass briquette fuel, the finished bagasse briquette can be used for home cooking and heating, industrial boiler, electricity generation factory etc. The bagasse briquette plant has two types, small scale and large scale. The former is suitable for home use, small workshop; the latter is suitable for industrial fuel production.
Bagasse Briquette Plant
(Bagasse Briquette Plant)
Bagasse briquetting is a processing of compressing bagasse into density solid fuel under the high mechanical pressure. Bagasse briquette plant adopts the briquetting techniques fully to complete the processing of bagasse briquette production with high efficiency. The complete processing is mainly composed of raw material treatment, crushing (optional), drying, briquetting, packing.

In this bagasse briquette plant, punching briquetting press is used in briquetting processing, which is designed to give great pressure to the material with mechanical stamping thus form the material into high-density briquettes. Both pellet and briquette can be made by the punching briquetting press, what you only need to do is to change the extrusion mould.

What Affect Bagasse Briquette Plant Cost?

Raw material treatment is the first factor of affecting bagasse briquette plant cost. As we all know, bagasse is a waste, so, you can get the bagasse for free, but transporting the bagasse from the raw material place to your factory will cost. And, not all the raw material are powder, some are chips or strips, as a result, you need a crushing machine. Besides, the moisture of bagasse is also important. If the moisture content is over high, you shall equip with dryer as well. Building cost means the installation and debugging cost of equipment. Generally, the equipment manufacturer will offer the service, they will send the professional worker to help you building the bagasse briquette plant, which is also a cost. High production capacity requires high energy consumption. As the key machine of the bagasse briquette plant, mechanical stamping briquette machine has different capacity, including 500kg/h, 1000kg/h etc. and their energy requirement are different. Equipment cost is the biggest factor affecting the cost of bagasse briquette plant. The equipment cost is not only means the price of equipment, it also include the quantity, quality and transportation of the equipment. Operation cost means the cost in the daily organization of bagasse briquette plant, taking up a part of bagasse briquette plant cost. It is mainly composed of worker salary, maintenance cost and factory rent etc.

How to Build a Bagasse Briquette Plant with Low Cost?

After knowing what affect the cost of bagasse briquette plant, then it is time to know how to reduce the cost.

Ø  In order to low the raw material transportation, you had better build your factory in the place where is near the bagasse site. The place near the sugar cane juice production factory is the best choice, and you can collect the bagasse easily.
Ø  Accepting the service of installation and debugging from the professional personnel sent by equipment manufacturer is better. Because the building plan is customized by them for you, they know the details of the equipments. It can avoiding unnecessary trouble, saving your cost.
Ø  Looking for cost-effective equipment manufacturer. This kind of manufacturer usually offer the high quality equipment with relative low price. Their components of equipment are made of high quality materials, thus saving the maintenance cost effectively.

To be concluded, reducing bagasse briquette plant cost can be realized relatively.
If you have any problem about bagasse briquette plant cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us.