• ZLSP200B R-type Electric Pellet Mill
  • MPL300 Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Pellet Mill
  • D-type ZLSP200B Small Pellet Mill
  • Biomass Screw Briquetting Machine
  • Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine
  • ZLSP200B R-type Electric Pellet Mill
  • MPL300 Biomass Mobile Pellet Plant
  • Large Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
  • D-type ZLSP200B Small Pellet Mill
  • Screw Biomass Briquetting Machine
  • Hydraulic Wood Briquette Machine
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Greatly Useful Feed Mill Equipment for You

What is Feed Mill Equipment?

With the development of breeding industry, feed industry has been increasingly developing these years. In order to make more nutritional feed for animals, farmers start to make feed by themselves, leading the increasing popularities around the world of feed mill equipment.
What is Feed Mill Equipment?
What is feed mill equipment? It is the machines for making feed, which can be a single feed mill machine, or a series of feed production machinery. Feed pellet making equipment is manufactured to make raw materials like corn, grasses, straws etc into feed pellet with uniform size and length used for feeding kinds of animals.

Feed Mill Equipment Classification

Based on different accordance, feed mill machinery has different types.
With different working principle, feed mill equipment is divided into two big parts: flat die feed mill equipment and ring die feed mill equipment, the former is based on the flat die for pelletizing and the later adopts the pelleting die which looks like a “ring”.
Feed Mill Equipment
(Rind Die and Flat Die Feed Mill Equipment)
Flat die feed mill has two types according to the rotation style, respectively are D-type adopting rotary die but fixed roller and R-type adopting rotary roller but fixed die. Meanwhile ring die feed pellet equipment has two types including horizontal type and vertical type.
In order to meet the actual situation of customers from different, wed have equipped different powers in our flat die feed pellet machine, thus developing different types of feed pellet mill, including electric feed mill, diesel feed machine, gasoline type feed machine and PTO feed pellet machine.
different powers in feed mill equipment
We also always name the detailed feed mill types according to the final product uses. Our feed mill equipment can make feed for variety of animals. Thus we have cattle feed mill, rabbit feed mill, livestock feed pellet machine, poultry feed mill equipment and fish feed mill etc.
Based on the production capacity, we divide our feed pellet making equipment into mini homemade feed mill, commercial feed pellet machine, small ring die pellet machine, large ring die feed pellet making machine etc, satisfying the requirement from different customers.

Feed Mill Equipment for Scales Feed Production

Feed pellet machine requires the raw material moisture content should be kept in 12%-15% and the size should be within 3mm. If the raw material is not proper, hammer mill and drying machine should be equipped in the feed production. Then the feed production with two or two more machines involved can be called feed mill plant or feed production line.
feed mill equipment for scales feed production
(Small Scale Feed Production Line)
Generally, feed production line consists of machinery of hammer mill, mixer, drying machine, feed pellet machine, pellet cooler, packing machine, conveyor etc. in which all of the machinery have different uses. But due to the different actual situation, we customize the feed mill equipment for you feed production, and you can send us your raw material for test as well.

Outstanding Features for Feed Mill Equipment

  1. Various raw materials can be produced into feed pellet by our feed pellet making equipment, such as, corn, wheat, rice, rice bran, cassava, grasses, rice husk, straw meal, maize, bean, pulp, oil cake, carrot etc.
  2. Our feed mill equipment is designed with different types, suitable for scales of feed production in poultry farm, livestock farm, fishery, individual farm, commercial feed factory etc.
  3. Our feed equipment can make nutritional feeds for kinds of animals including cattle, sheep, rabbit, pig, duck, fish, shrimp, dog, cow, cat, goat, deer, pigeon, lamb, goose, chicken etc with  
  4. All of the feed mill machinery is manufactured with international advanced materials, and the operation meets the CE standards and international safety criterion.
  5. Due to professional manufacturing and high quality machinery, our feed pellet making equipment has been famous overseas, obtaining more praise of customers from around the world.
If you have any idea about feed production, please contact us for get professional design of feed mill equipment.