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Great Biomass Pellet Press in Canton Fair 2018

ZLSP200B Biomass Pellet Press Exhibited in Canton Fair

124th Canton Fair has been held in Guangzhou one more time as usual from 15th Oct. 2018. As the pioneer and leader of biomass machinery industry, ABC Machinery has attended this fair again from 15th to 19th Oct., bringing one of our featured biomass pellet press to this great exhibition as the sample machinery.

Technical Parameter Of ZLSP D-type Biomass Pellet Press(Model B)
Model Power (kw) Output (kg/h) N.W./G.W.(kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP 150B 3phase, 5.5 50-110 95/100 800*450*700
ZLSP 200B 3phase, 7.5 80-120 200/230 1050*480*930
ZLSP 230B 3phase, 11 120-200 290/320 1180*540*1000
ZLSP 260B 3phase, 15 160-250 320/360 1240*540*1000
ZLSP 300B 3phase, 22 250-400 350/380 1300*560*1100
The ZLSP 200B biomass pellet press is brought for Canton Fair exhibition, adopting working principle of rotary pressing roller and stationed pelleting die that called as D-type which belongs to flat die type biomass pellet mill. For driving power, ZLSP 200B biomass pellet press is equipped with electric motor, easy to install, operate and maintain. As soon as you connect the electric power, you can make the biomass pellets under your requirement.

Technical Parameter Of ZLSP D-type Biomass Pellet Press(Model C)
Model Power (kw) Output (kg/h) N.W./G.W.(kg) Package size (mm)
ZLSP 150C 3phase, 5.5 60-110 105/125 1000*480*780
ZLSP 200C 3phase, 7.5 80-120 210/230 1050*550*830
ZLSP 230C 3phase, 11 120-200 290/320 1200*560*950
ZLSP 260C 3phase, 15 160-250 340/370 1240*580*1000
ZLSP 300C 3phase, 22 250-400 425/465 1300*620*1100
With electric motor driving power, we also manufacture another type of biomass pellet press fully covered with electric motor (model C).

ZLSP-Series Biomass Pellet Press for Sale

We had great harvest during this canton fair, even more noteworthy is majority of the customers paid us the advance payment by cash for their booked machinery on the site. Among theses customers, one Zambian customer pre-purchased the ZLSP 200B D-type biomass pellet press which is the same as our sample type for exhibition. Another customer from Argentina booked our R-type biomass pellet press.

ZLSP R-type pellet press technical parameter

Model Power(kw) Output(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
ZLSP-R 200B 3phase 7.5 80-120 215/245 950*450*1050
ZLSP-R 300B 3phase 22 250-350 540/575 1350*750*1400
ZLSP-R 400B 3phase 30 350-450 770/810 1400*800*1450
ZLSP-R 420B 3phase 37 400-600 1100/1200 1630*620*1400
ZLSP-R 550B 3phase 55 500-800 1770 2300x750x1850

Both of these two kinds of biomass pellet machine belongs to our ZLPS-series plate die pellet machine, which are different in the working principle, the former one adopts the same working principle with the sample type, while the latter adopts the principle of rotary pressing roller and stationed pelleting die, which is suitable for processing the raw materials with high hardness.

Speaking raw materials, ZLSP-series biomass pellet press is able to process various raw materials, including crop wastes like corn stalk, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, corn cob, rice stalk and other straws, forestry residues like sawdust, wood processing residues, shaving and chips, leaves, twigs, weed tree etc, living wastes like papers, newspapers, paper scraps etc.

For the driving power, except of the electric motor driving, we also have other different types of pellet presses equipped diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (driven by tractor) to meet different requirements of customers from different countries and regions with different living levels.

Biomass Briquette Press Attracted Customers in Canton Fair

At this canton fair, not only the biomass pellet machine had been booked by many customers, but also our biomass briquette press attracted many new customers, one Armenian customer was satisfied with our biomass briquette press and purchased one set of our punching briquette machine for making briquette fuel.
biomass briquette press and parts
Briquette press is one kind of fuel making machine which differs from the biomass pellet press, used for processing the raw materials into briquette fuel with solid or hollow cylinders, cubic shape, mainly used for daily cooking and heating, small, medium and large scale fuel production factory, public region heating, power generation station etc.

For different usages, we manufacture different types of briquette press, including screw briquette press for making hollow cylinders with lightly carbonized surface which can be used for processing charcoal fuel easier, punching briquette press and hydraulic briquette press for processing not hollow briquettes. They have different production capacity, you can choose one of them based on your requirement and usages.
Whether the biomass pellet press or briquette press, you can use it to make residues into fuels. And you can contact us freely for more detailed information.
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