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GEMCO pellet mill price decreases

For people who want to purchase a pellet mill, what they concern most is the price.

You may have learnt about GEMCO pellet mill which is a famous brand because of its high quality and various models. Today, you’re lucky enough to find GEMCO pellet mill prices decreased! This is because GEMCO want to give the most preferential price to our users! We want to give our regular and new customers the best pellet mill with the least cost!

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But it doesn’t mean we will give the lowest price in the market, since our pellet mill prices are influenced by many factors.

What affects the pellet mill price?

  • The first is production cost. 1. Production materials. If the pellet mills are made from low quality raw materials, their prices will be extremely low. But different from other pellet mill manufacturers, GEMCO only adopts the best quality raw materials. For example, the pressing die and main shaft of pellet mills are made from 4Cr/4Cr13 which contains more Cr and more wear-resisting. Only high quality machines pellet mill processingcan make high quality pellets. Other manufacturers use low intensity 45# steel that has poor wear-resistance. 2. Processing technology. The roller, pressing die, main shaft, and roller shaft are processed by vacuum heat treatment which does not cause damage or distortion to spare parts surface. After vacuum heat treatment, the spare parts often have longer lifespan.
  • Second is labor cost. The labor cost in China has been increased in recent years. Also, all our workers who operate the processing facilities and assemble the pellet mills are experienced and are experts in this field. What’s more, the pellet mills keep developing by the research of our engineers. Therefore, our labor cost is comparative higher than those small rough workshops.
  • Pellet mill price is also affected by market demand. When the pellet mill was first invented, few manufacturers produce it, and few use it. At that time, pellet mill price is very high. Later, when people tend to use it, those manufacturers can make it in mass quantity, and the price is lowered. In recent years, countless manufacturers are supplying pellet mill, so its price has gone to its lowest level. But in different periods like peak season and off-season, their prices vary slightly.
Now GEMCO has countless orders of pellet mills every month, therefore GEMCO would like to offer customers some discounts on pellet mill prices. So it’s time to choose your demanded pellet mill now!

By Shirley Wang

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