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GEMCO Pelletizing Machine Transported to Russia

Yesterday, a client from Russia ordered more than sixty pelletizing machines from us which include ZLSP-D 120B/ 150B/ 200B/ 230B/ 260B/ 300B electric pellet mill. This pelletizing machine is not only eye-catching appearance but also pelletizing effect is particularly good. This is our pelletizing machine.
This is what we use rice hull as raw material to produce the pellets with ZLSP-D 260B pelletizing machine.

pelletizing machine  rice hull pellets from pelletizing machine
We have got we've got the technology of making pellets has truly advanced considerably. The pellet mill manufacturer China features a volume of quality materials that's created with a professional team. The unit is for certain to naturally deliver quality pellets as needed. The pellets are of high quality as well as the procedure used to be is very easy. We also can special made for you in accordance with the requirements. For example, the color of the above machines painting is in accordance with customer requirements.
ABC Machinery - The leading pelletizing machinery manufacturer in China, now to more affordable price! GEMCO is the brand name of the pelletizing machinery produced by ABC Machinery. Our Equipment own top-notch quality, and most people are looking for one, especially with a brand that is surely trusted to be high quality, cost-efficient, and affordable for everyone.
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