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Flat Disk Pellet Machine Produces Home Use Pellets

Flat disk pellet machine is another name of flat die pellet mill. It is a kind of home pellet machine. Sometimes, different areas have different names on the flat die pellet mill. This machine has a small volume, so its floor space is small, which is convenient for the users to move. Flat disk pellet machine is mainly suitable for the small scale production, and the yield is from 50-600kg/h, so the customers can choose the relative machine according to needs.
flat die pellet mill

Flat disk Pellet Machine Advantages:

Flat disk pellet machine can be divided into four types according to the power, electric flat disk pellet machine, diesel engine flat disk pellet machine, gasoline flat disk pellet machine and PTO flat disk pellet machine. Those different types of flat disk pellet machines have their own advantages.
Electric flat disk pellet mill: the power is clean, once it is connected to the electricity, the production will be quick and convenient. The machine can produce pellets continuously which fasts the production speed and increase the machine production.
Diesel engine flat disk pellet mill: it makes up the shortage of electric flat die pellet mill for it can produce pellets anywhere. Besides, its power is sufficient and the yield is large, which can meet the production demand of the customers.
Gasoline flat disk pellet mill: it moves conveniently, and the operation is easy. Most importantly, the yield is satisfied.
PTO flat disk pellet mill: the body of is rather small and the it is even light but the quality is guaranteed.

Working Principle of Flat Disk Pellet Machine

Flat disk pellet machine can be also divided into D-type pellet mill and R-type pellet mill. The differences of those two kinds of machines lies in the die and roller. The flat die pellet mill presses the raw materials into pellets without binders under high pressure and temperature. The pellets have high density and high burning efficiency.
D-type pellet mill
This kind of machine’s full name is Die-drive type pellet mill. During the production, the flat die rotates while the roller above the flat die stays still. Though the roller doesn’t move, the die and roller are in a relative motion state. When the materials fall down to the flat die, the roller press the materials into die holes then the pellets are produced. D-type pellet mill is suitable for softwood, like pine, fir, etc.
D-type pellet mill
R-type pellet mill
Its full name is Roller-drive type pellet mill. Its running principle is opposite to the D-type pellet mill. When the Roller-drive pellet mill is running, the roller moves under the driving of main shaft while the die keeps still. After the materials fall down to the die, the roller will directly press the materials into the die hole producing pellets. It is suitable for hardwood, like oak, birch, beech, etc.
R-type pellet mill
No matter which kind of flat disk pellet machine you choose, we can make sure that the machine adopts superior materials and the advanced technology to make, which prolongs the service life of the machine and improves the production efficiency bringing more profits to the users.

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