Animal Feed Processing Machine Making Nutritional Fodder

Current Situation of Animal Feed

It is reported that there is 330 million tons of meat produced around the world in 2017, and this figure has been increased to 335 million ton already in 2018. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has predicted, until 2019, the global meat production would rise to 366 million ton. All the data above shows that the breeding industry has been increasingly developed, while the animal feed industry develops as well.
Current Situation of Animal Feed
Looking at all the feed industry, multiple kinds of feed are competing in the market. Finding a suitable and cost-efficient feed is not easy like before. Traditional feed has exposed many problems like bad palatability, imbalanced nutrition, making animal being picky, even worse, the traditional feed has short quality guarantee period, also is not easy to manage, pack and store. With technology development, pellet feed has been produced, effectively solving these problems, which is made of agro residues and other raw materials by the animal feed processing machine.

Animal Feed Processing Machine for Sale

We offer you the complete animal feed processing equipment, with small scale used for farm, small workshop and large scale used for commercial animal feed production factory.
According to the working principle, our animal feed processing machine is divided into two types, which are flat die type based on flat pelleting die and ring die type based on the ring pelleting die which looks like a ring. Between these two types, the flat die type feed pellet mill is msainly used for small scale while the ring die type feed pellet machine is usually used for large scale production.
Animal Feed Processing Machine for Sale
In order to meet the condition of different countries and regions, our animal feed making machine is designed with four kinds of driving powers, including electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO, suitable for the places where has electricity limitation and power lack.
With our animal feed processing machine, the animal feed is produced into pellet in uniform size, high density, easy to manage, store and transport. The production capacity of our equipment ranges from 200kg/h to 20 t/h, exporting to Vietnam, Britain, Serbia, Morocco, Malaysia, Italy, Israel, Ghana, Chile, Australia and other countries and regions etc.

Animal Feed Processing Machine Used In Plant

When animal feed making machine is used in plant, the following machinery had better equipped for higher feed quality.
Animal Feed Processing Machine Used In Plant
At first, in the raw material process, the needed machinery are crusher, mixer and dryer. The crushing machine is used for crushing the raw materials into small pieces for meet the requirement of animal feed making machine that the size of the raw material should be less than 3mm. And the mixer aims to mix the kinds of raw materials uniformly, in order to meet the multiple nutrition requirement of animals. Meanwhile the dryer is to adjust the moisture content of the raw material into the required 12%-14%.
Animal feed processing machine is needed in the pelleting process, the raw material can conveyed to the pelleting machinery to form into pellets.
After the animal feed processing machine is cooler which is used for decrease the temperature of feed pellet because of high temperature of the fresh produced feed pellet. Cooling is to decrease the temperature to the indoor temp fast, thus the finished product is better to store.
For the large scale production line, especially the animal feed factory, packing machine had better to equip for better sale. With high-precision weighing system, the packing machine packs the feed pellet into uniform weight, also efficiently control the spill of the product.

GEMCO machinery supplies poultry and livestock feed plant and mould design which realizes customization of animal feed processing equipment. Meanwhile, we offer you the best business project to build your own animal feed processing plant. Please contact us freely for more details.
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