3 types of biomass briquette machines for sale

Biomass briquette machine refers to the machine that makes briquettes from biomass waste. They have been utilized around the globe for years because of their irreplaceable advantages.

As a matter of fact, there are mainly 3 types of biomass briquette machines for sale now that have been exported to different countries from GEMCO. They are popular because of their unique characteristics and usages. But how to distinguish them and choose the one that meets your demand?

Differences of 3 types of biomass briquette machines for sale

  • Screw type biomass briquette machine:

This screw type biomass briquette machine for sale is usually used to produce briquettes with a hole in the center, so that they can have larger contact with air and will be more fully combusted.
This machine is also the key component in making charcoal briquettes, especially the BBQ charcoal. When made into charcoal, the briquettes become lighter and no ash. So these briquettes are often sold in supermarkets and welcomed by people.

But for making charcoal briquettes, a carbonization furnace is indispensible since it can turn biomass briquettes into high value charcoal briquettes. See how to make charcoal briquettes>>


  • Mechanical stamping type biomass briquette machine:

This mechanical stamping biomass briquette machine is popular because of its multi-functions: it can produce 8/10mm diameter biomass pellets as well as 22/30/70mm diameter round biomass briquettes! It is a very good help for farmers. It can turn the crop waste into valuable fuel briquettes. It is also a good choice for biomass briquetting plant. With this mechanical stamping briquette machine, you won’t worry about your energy bill anymore!


  • Hydraulic type biomass briquette machine:

This hydraulic biomass briquette machine has high quality. Its main parts adopt Rexroth hydraulic system, SIEMENS PLC module, Schneider electric components, touch screen, and intelligent alarming light to meet EU standards. Its clean working environment also can meet high-end demand. The hydraulic design can decrease about 90% of the original biomass size, which greatly saves storage area and transportation cost.

Having learnt from the above we can come to a conclusion that these 3 types of biomass briquette machines are different from each other, and they all have their own advantages. So, which biomass briquette machine for sale to choose? It’s up to you!

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