2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant for Indonesia Client

The Seller agrees to sell to the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to purchase from the Seller.
Equipment for a 2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant hereinafter referred to as the Equipment, as per the specification contained in the Appendix No.1, Appendix No.2 and Appendix E attached hereto the contract which processing capacity of 2 TONS PER HOUR with certain technical conditions.
Appendix No.1 and Appendix No.2 (2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant quotation sheet with the NO. BS04Z082819 quoted on January 28 th, 2020).

2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant for Indonesia Client
(2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant Simple Flow Chart)
Our price is not the lowest in supplier list of wood pellet plant in China, but the customer chose us. The different material information or the requirement is not same, the process design and flow chart is not same, of course, the price is not same.
Our large pelletizing machine factory in Liyang. We chose the factory in Liyang as our sub-factory to produce and supply the big pellet mills and large pellet production line considering the developed advantage resources (material and labor force or HR source, technical level etc.) Because South of China ,especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province , the technology strength and industrial base is much more higher and strong than other provinces in China . 

Detailed of the 2TPH Biomass Pelletizing Plant 

We are responsible for designing and building the 2tph biomass pelletizing plant. This production line includes crushing system, pelletize system, dusting system, conveying system, cooling system, power control system.
Part of the raw material
Raw material:
  1. Palm Kernel Meal (Moisture: 30-50%).
  2. Wood Chips, Sawdust (Moisture: 30-50%).
  3. Fruit Shell (Moisture: 20-30%).
Finished Product:
  1. Pellet, diameter 6, 8 mm, moisture 8-10%. 

Main Equipment List for the Biomass Pelletizing Plant

  • Chipping & Crushing Combination Machine: for wood chips, wood shaving, veneer, board etc.
  1. Hammers: 60PCS
  2. Screen holes size: 8-10 mm
  3. Minimum capacity: 2TPH 
  • Dust Collector: Bag-type, 17 pipesto ensure the dust collecting effect.
  • Screw Conveyor: Round type, for delivery the wood sawdust from hammer mill, diameter of tube 250mm, length 2.5 meters, speeding adjustable.
  • Screw Conveyor: U- type, for feeding the dry wood, sawdust into pellet mills, diameter of tube 300mm, length 6 meters, Frequency control, speeding adjustable.
  • Pelletizing Machine: BPM630 vertical type ring die pellet mill, with the output capacity 2-2.2 tons per hour, stainless steel ring die (8MM), three 20crmnti rollers to make sure the machine's capacity and working stability, then prolong the life of any spare parts , full gear-driven type. Main motor 132kw.
  • Cooling System of Pellet Mills: 4-7.2-4.5A -3KW, including cyclone and 2 dust sedimentation silo, 4kw fan, cyclone diameter 800mm, to reduce temperature in pelletizing chamber; increase the life time of rollers and ring die.
  • E-cabinets: All the motors phase 3,380V, 50h, with the Emergency stop switch (Keylock) pellet mills are matched with the self-coupling delay starter, chipping and crushing combination machine and drying system are matched with Star-delta starters. All the motor is matched with the isolating switch. The light on the panel of Electrical cabinet has clearly instruction in English, electric elements CHINT brand.
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