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1ton complete biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant

Introduction of the project

With the need of renewable energy resources increases, more people start to be interested in biomass briquttes and pellets as they are eco-friendly, especially for agricultural countries. As a result, biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant becomes welcomed by farm owners amd investors.

The biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant can make stick shape briquettes and pellets of different diametrs (φ70/φ22/φ10/φ8mm) from wood waste and agro-forest waste.

Raw material for biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant:

Groundnut-shell • Sugarcane residue• Caster Shells/Stalk • Saw dust • Coffee Husk • Paddy Straw • Sunflower Stalk • Cotton Stalks • Tobacco waste Mustard Stalk • Jute waste • Bamboo Dust • Tea waste • Wheat Straw • Palm husk • Soybeans husk • Rice Husks •Forestry wastes • Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

Any type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used. But the moisture content should be Less than 10-25%, grain size is below 5×5mm.

Characteristics of the briquetting and pelletizing plants

  1. No binder needed during production to make clean & green fuel briquette or pellet.
  2. The heat value of final product is 500-1000Kcal, which is higher than that of raw material.
  3. Can replace firewood and liquefaction gas with less investment.
  4. Small cubage and easy for transport
  5. Make both wood briquette and wood pellets by one set of machine (with different molds).

The plant equipment list

Name of Equipment Qty Specification Power (kw)
Hammer mill 1unit Min: 1t/h
Dimension: L1660*W1200*H1700mm
Weight: 0.65ton
Belt converyor 1 unit Capacity: Min 1.5t/h (adjustable)
Rotate speed: 22r per minute
Outside dimension: L5000*W500*H1500mm
Weight: 0.4ton
Drum dryer
1unit Used for input moisture: 60%
Diameter of dryer: 1600mm
Length of dryer: 12000mm
Capacity: 1ton (after drying)
Fuel consumption: about 100kg biomass materials.

Machinery display of this biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant

1tph biomass briquetting and pelletizing plant
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